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Implementation Support

MedSym Implementation Overview

MedSym’s implementation process spans approximately 60 days from the client “kick off” call.  The “Go Live” event is dependent on successfully meeting milestone dates throughout the process.  Strong team leadership and participation is vital to the success of the project.

Welcome Call – scheduled and conducted upon contract execution.

A welcome call is conducted between the contract signer, client managment and MedSym’s Director of Operations and Implementation Project Manager.  The client welcome call is typically scheduled within a few days of contract execution.  During the call the MedSym team will review the following:

  • Project Overview
  • Hardware/Information Technology Review & Recommendations
  • Interfaces
  • Project Milestones & Escalation Process
  • Site Assessment
  • Third Party (clearinghouse, faxing, etc.) contact information
  • Customer Portal and Ticket System


Kick off Call – scheduled during the Welcome Call and typically conducted within a week of the Welcome Call

A kick off should include all project team members.  During the call, the project manager will review the scope of the project and milestone dates.

Weekly Status Calls – conducted at a predetermined time each week.

Each week the key team members will meet to discuss the status of the implementation.  Upcoming milestones will be reviewed.  Key team members will review progress and activities conducted during the previous week.  The implementation Project Manager will provide a summary of each meeting to key team members.

Pre Go Live

In the weeks leading up to the go live date, specific activities are performed to prepare for the onsite event.  The activities will be discussed during the weekly status calls.

  • Data Conversion – A customized conversion strategy will be constructed for each customer.  Whether the need is to convert records from paper or an existing software system, MedSym will assist in determining the best plan of action for our customer.
  • Training – MedSym will provide the client with training options.  It is important all end users receive adequate training prior to the actual Go Live.
  • Clearinghouse
  • Interfaces
  • Workflow Discussion 
  • Resources – Monitor – MedSym resources will monitor usage of the software and make workflow recommendations.
  • Training – MedSym resources will be available to reinforce pre-go live training.

Go Live

MedSym will send resources for the go live event.  Resources are allocated based on the module(s) purchased and the number of days listed in the contract.  During the Go Live Event the onsite resources will be available to:

  • Monitor – MedSym resources will monitor usage of the software and make workflow recommendations.
  • Training – MedSym resources will be available to reinforce pre-go live training.


Post Go Live

Immediately after the onsite go live event, the client will be given a dedicated Post Go Live toll-free support telephone number and email address.  MedSym will monitor activity during the weeks immediately following the onsite visit.

Hand Off to Support

MedSym will perform a formal hand off from Post Implementation to Support, typically four (4) weeks after the Go Live Event.