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AR Recovery Solutions

Over the years, the insurance industry has made it increasingly more difficult to obtain payment for services provided by Medical Providers. Our Aged Insurance Recovery Service was founded with one mission: Making Payors Pay.

To thwart these obstacles, we have developed a highly sophisticated and proprietary Patient Account Analysis Software Program which allows us to examine a Practice’s older Accounts Receivable in order to rapidly target problematic accounts and identify solutions for their payment. A team of dedicated recovery specialists and analysts make hundreds of calls per day to obtain payment on these old claims.

Benefits to Practice:

  • Increases cash flow by obtaining payment on older A/R (typically 90 days or 120 days and older).
  • Analyzes and collects on under-payments by insurance companies.
  • Analyzes practice operations to ensure valid accounts receivable is not being incorrectly written-off and collects payments if this is identified.
  • Allows Practice employees to refocus their efforts on newer claims thereby keeping claims out of the older Accounts Payable buckets.
  • Acts as a focused “outsourced” insurance collections department.
  • Very useful when a Practice switches Practice Management Systems and can’t allocate sufficient resources to collect the old A/R on the old system while at the same time learning the new system.


  • Execute HIPAA Agreement
  • Forward an Aged Trial Balance Report (Aging Report) to MedSym for pricing. Aged trial balance report has accounts receivable listed by payor and by how old (i.e. in aging buckets: 0-30, 30-60,60-90, 90-120, 120+).
  • MedSym prices the service based on total $ and the age of the A/R in question. Payment is on contingency basis.
  • Practice executes Recovery Services Agreement.
  • MedSym’s Information Technology Department contacts Practice’s Information Technology Department about setting up secure, HIPAA compliant electronic interface/bridge with Practice’s Practice Management System to extract data.
  • MedSym examines data and makes initial calls on the claims to determine what additional info, if any, is necessary to have claims paid.
  • MedSym employees visit the Practice and scan necessary medical chart information and EOB’s if necessary in order to have claims paid. The procedure is very unobtrusive to site operations.
  • MedSym recovery specialists begin collecting on the claims. MedSym will do the various steps to have claims paid such as printing new claims in MedSym’s office, performing the appeal processes, etc. Will contact practice as necessary for other information.
  • All payments go to practice as they normally do. Practice posts payments.
  • MedSym invoices the client on a bi-weekly basis based on collections.