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Charge Capture Review: DRRS

There are two very pressing hurdles regarding Oncology billing that no practice can afford to ignore:

  • continually deteriorating reimbursement for oncology drugs and services and
  • oncology billing is the most complicated and difficult medical specialty to bill for on a daily basis

MedSym’s Drug Reimbursement Recovery Systems® (DRRS) was created to help this dilemma.

What is it and who can use this service?

  • DRRS is a proprietary system that analyzes and reviews practice data and procedures in order to find potential inaccuracies in drug and administration charge entry and capture.
  • Any Oncology practice that bills for its drugs correlating administration procedures can use DRRS.

Does it work? Is it invasive in my daily practice operations?

  • DRRS has been successfully used by hundreds of practices around the country.
  • DRRS has reviewed over $4 billion in oncology practice charges and when provided with correct data has found a significant amount of charges in every single practice.
  • Unlike some other companies, 90% of MedSym’s DRRS service is done through electronic extraction and evaluation of data off-site so that the work is very unobtrusive to daily site operations.

What is the cost?

  • Because of DRRS’s proven track record of success, there is no up front or out of pocket cost to the practice.
  • All MedSym costs including personnel, travel, etc. are all at our expense.
  • The recovered reimbursement from the identified drug and administration charges are split with the practice.
  • No payments are made to MedSym until after you have been reimbursed by the payors for the charges identified by DRRS.


Additional Benefits

  • All of the DRRS outcomes are shared with the practice allowing the practice to immediately seize opportunities for reimbursement on the identified charges.
  • The practice can make instantaneous changes to current billing and operational procedures to prevent future loss of revenue.