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Practice Management System Fall 2015

MedSym Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of enhanced streamlined practice management technology. For details, email sales@medsyminc.com. For a review of MedSymPM available today,… More

Oncologist Practice Revenue Solutions

Oncologist Practice Revenue Solutions MedSym Solutions services and offerings are available to all oncology practices. MedSym is excited to announce our collaborative alliance with Flatiron… More

Oncology Circle, Fall 2015

Oncology Circle™ Visit with MedSym Solutions, at the Oncology Circle Fall 2015 meeting.  Check back for the location and dates to be announced.  As a Flatiron… More

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Payment Accuracy Review

MedSym’s payment accuracy review for oncology or multi-specialty practices includes a Zero Balance ($0) insurance claims review. With the Zero Balance Review, MedSym reviews your practice’s payment and adjustment accuracy and pricing for opportunities to recover and improve cash collections. Claims with a zero insurance balance are no longer on the radar screen for the business office managers and staff. MedSym’s review results in cash recovery on claims the practice is no longer tracking. Underpayments and premature adjustments and write offs are examples of the findings MedSym provides.

Payment accuracy reviews may be done individually or included with our premiere solutions DRRS (Drug Reimbursement Recovery Systems) or RRS (Reimbursement Recovery Systems). Payment accuracy reviews are contingency based and require no up-front cost.